Domain pulse 2009

Thursday, 02/12/2009

08:30am Check-in

09:30am Welcome address
• Sabine Dolderer
Moderation: Wolfgang Lünenbürger-Reidenbach

09:40am Greeting
• Dr. Johannes Beermann

10:00am Keynote: The web's a stage - philosophical remarks about living in the Internet world
• Prof. Peter Sloterdijk

11:35am Introduction of new Top Level Domains - What lies ahead of us?
• Olof Nordling
• Tim Schumacher
• Christian Müller
• Dirk Krischenowski
• Stephan Welzel
• Michael Niebel


11:45am Internet Governance - Report of IGF 2008
• Jeanette Hofmann


01:00pm Lunch break

02:00pm Political campaigning and Web 2.0
• Markus Beckedahl

02:30pm Publicly-financed media and the Internet
• Robert Amlung
• Claus Grewenig
• Bernd Holznagel
• Helmut Verdenhalven
Moderation: Hans Hoff

03:45pm Coffee break

04:15pm DThe mobile Internet about to break through?
• Wolfgang Schwabl
• Trey Harvin
• Oliver Thienhaus
• Laura Goeke
• Justin Hayward
Moderation: Wolfgang Lünenbürger-Reidenbach


05:15pm News from DENIC, and SWITCH
• Jörg Schweiger
• Urs Eppenberger
• Richard Wein
Moderation: Thomas Rickert

5:55pm Evening event

07:30pm Departure for the evening event

Friday, 02/13/2009

09:00am Check-in

09:30am Day 2 - Welcome address
Wolfgang Lünenbürger-Reidenbach

09:40am Identity Management
• Andreas Pfitzmann

12:20am Online Reputation Management
• Tim Cole
• Klaus Eck
• Michel Lindenberg
• Thilo Weichert
• Mario Grobholz
Moderation: Jeanette Hofmann

11:35am Computerforensic - What's state of the art?
• Sebastian Krause

12:15am Lunch break

01:30pm Advertising and the Internet: Volume, business modells and perspectives
• Oliver Sender

02:15pm Are registries liable for infringing domains?
• Nicole Beranek-Zanon
• Barbara Schloßbauer
• Stephan Welzel
Moderation: Thomas Rickert


03:15pm Preview on the next Domain Pulse
• Urs Eppenberger

03:30pm Farewell address
• Sabine Dolderer

Show agenda of:
Domain pulse